Entry #2


2016-08-31 18:39:34 by MinatoArisato

I was thinking about stories and creativity recently. And how I always think of myself
as not very creative compared to everybody else out there. I remembered how when I was
a kid I'd use my imagination for a lot of stuff, would often think of useful
inventions without knowing if anyone had thought of it before. I'd have lots of
ambitious but pointless projects like making board games or making pokimanz gym
challenges complete with badges and shit made out of paper.

So I knew at some point I was creative, so where and why did it stop? I think it's
because I got into the mindset that someone had done everything I could ever do. and
that everything I learn about going forward is part of someone else's ideas or creations
and as such anything created from them will never be original.

So if I went to write a story, or make a game, I'd subconciously pull things and probably
make something really cheesy, unoriginal, or shitty. But then there's so many people
online who do exactly that without ever acknowledging or realizing it the way I do,
and still achieve success.

I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to make anything amazing, but without trying
I'll never even make anything shitty. If I can't make mistakes, I can't learn what's
wrong with them, and if I can't learn what's wrong, I'll never know what's right. So
the bottom line is I should try.


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