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Interesting watch, makes me wish I had 5000 years left in me so that I could find the answers.

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OblitusCS responds:

Hahaha yeah, exactly my thought. Who knows, maybe in 50 years eternal life is a real thing, they are already working on it, we just have to wait and see. Thanks for the comment brother!

Epic Fight Epic Fight

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Final Form Final Form

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Dunno how I missed this one.
Also since this is a collab with Patrons I wanted to know,
Do you actually like anime yourself? if not, is there at least one movie or show you did like?

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Holy shit, that last level was some chip's challenge shit. Great puzzles, great characters, I loved that each duck had such a weird design and simple name 'Helium duck' 'Brick duck' and the cute little noises they made between switches. The idle animations were pretty cute too, though pushing blocks obviously looked a bit silly. Anyway, I had a lot of fun. Favorite Duck was BRICK DUCK.

Get Creamed! Get Creamed!

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Somewhere in my mind I was hoping for Ryona


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Well I got 82% with no secrets found, though I had a few ideas where some might be. I just didn't know if this would be the kind of game for them and focused on finishing. Also that spider sprite was nightmarish. I loved the aesthetic, I'm a real sucker for gameboy graphics and this looked awesome.

Now some criticism. There were a few jumps that were a little unfair given the camera was too far up to be able to see the spikes below. So you take a leap of faith and end up on a spike, generally you want that stuff to be fair so you don't get cheap deaths. There was a later one with a bat out of view that I hopped on rushing through, but we can attribute that to my lack of patience.

I also died a few times before getting my second heart to the frogs sitting so close to the doorways. You walk out and walk straight into a frog before you realize they're there. That's not a super cheap death, but maybe if they were even one tile further away it would give people more reaction time.

Last criticism is that the unity round hitbox is fairly noticeable in this game. Is this one of your first attempts at making a platformer in unity to teach yourself? If so, you made it much farther than I did and actually made something to be proud of. Though from what I did learn square hitboxes work better for this sort of game so that jumping is smoother, and you don't get hitched on walls so awkwardly.

That's all, I hope none of my criticisms came off as mean or anything, I really did like it, I just want to give an honest opinion that might help make your game better.

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gamesbynoe responds:

Thank you for your review! I will make some tests with box colliders. BTW im working on another game thats why all your tips very helpfull! Thank you.

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Streetlights Streetlights

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Love your stuff fam, reminds me of the early 90s. I'm sure I sound like a broken record after all those 'IM A 90S KID MEMES' but fuck if I don't miss the simpler time and sounds.

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Mydogbuddy7 responds:

nice, I'm glad u can ride the wave my guy

Watching Winter Waterfalls Watching Winter Waterfalls

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Enjoyed the story and the song. I've never lived in any super dangerous neighbourhoods. The most dangerous place I lived just had lots of druggies in the city. In the few years I lived there I barely went outside other than for groceries and work. It always boggles my mind how some people can survive in environments like you mentioned in your story. Like, number one reason I avoid starting fights with people, is because I'm scared that they'll eventually come for revenge with a bunch of their friends. I don't know how far they'll go, who's going to pull a knife or a gun on me etc. So I just avoid conflict entirely. Having to deal with that stuff every day would be a nightmare.

Quarl responds:

Yeah, kids grew up in that shit. There was a statistic in Oakland that one out of three kids would drop out of school before acquiring a GED. My friend Markus was dating a girl whose 1st grade daughter was dropping out, already two years behind. That means a certain future in prostitution. The system doesn't fail those people by accident. The system in poor black communities is designed as a slippery slope into private for-profit prisons. Those kids are graduating from juvenile, into adult prison. Reform is not the aim. Profit is.

Undertale - CORE (Smash Remix) Undertale - CORE (Smash Remix)

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Could barely recognize the original song. Sounds really good though. Does it use soundfonts from smash bros or something?

MrSmash64 responds:

not smash bros, but it does use various other soundfonts. if i was using the ssb64 soundfont, i would've used that trumpet :p

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Ochako Ururaka Ochako Ururaka

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Ururaka's pretty cute. Polka dots seem like they'd definitely be her thing.

Chroma Black - Ibex Update Chroma Black - Ibex Update

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Motorcycle bars.

ArtistGamerGal responds:


I have money again I have money again

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Figure collections are expensive. I only really have one figure right now (Its Aigis from P3 and shes poseable). I don't really get much enjoyment from filling a room with them, but then again I dont have a lot of room to display stuff anyway. There's also only a few characters I really care about, i'd get a KOS-MOS figure down the road since I have nothing but good memories of the games even 10 years later. Meanwhile my girlfriend's collection is huge and takes up a couple of shelves, here's hoping we never have a fire.