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Posted by MinatoArisato - September 23rd, 2020

Not sure what compelled you to follow or click my profile, but hello, and welcome. Favorite movies and games are over there and are a product of whenever it is I favorited them. Some of my reviews are probably old enough to contain some REAL CRINGE by today's standards. But that's fine, we were all innocent and unaware once, and it was probably better that way. There's also lewd shit in there, don't try to understand who I am or what I like based off of them, because even I don't really know.

You might've clicked my profile in hopes I did some art of my own, haha! fat chance! I am a potato when it comes to actual drawing talent, using my potato limbs to scribble stick figures, and my potato brain to try and understand what goes where. Truth is I do like drawing at least a little, but I'm bad at it and can't practice without someone watching over my shoulder. Also NG is kind of a place for completed works and I have too much respect for this place to sully it any more than I have.

Someday though, before I die, I'll be sure to git gud and leave behind some quality art, so users of the future can browse my profile, read my reviews, try to decipher my taste in porn, and think, "This person must have been really mediocre, but damn, that one picture he drew is like some mona lisa shit"

Anyway, enjoy your stay.

Posted by MinatoArisato - May 9th, 2019

I rewatched Constantine for the first time since its release back in 2005. Hard to think that was almost 20 years ago huh?

Whenever I watch old movies, I'm always paying attention to the inside of buildings and people's houses. Everything always looks so homey, like a big collection of random trinkets and furniture you wont see anywhere else.

The movie itself if you've never seen it is about an antihero of sorts in a world where demons and angels try to influence humans, but aren't allowed to enter the world directly. Constantine goes around killing demons who upset the balance or break the rules. There's a lot of supernatural bullshit but its genuinely interesting to watch.

Oh, and its based on a comic series from all the way back in 1988. Who knew?

Posted by MinatoArisato - March 23rd, 2019

Even though i'm still young, I feel like an old man who's out of touch since I don't really use social media and miss the days of MSN and sitting under the stairs in highschool. What's fun these days? Looking at all the latest maymays? I just save people's art and play video games but I wonder if there's something great i'm missing out on.


Posted by MinatoArisato - October 7th, 2018

Yes Hello, this is blog. If you've ever glanced at my favorites you'll probably see a bunch of nudity and lewds in there. For the longest time i've always been embarassed, or thought i'd need to make a second account just to hide them. I'm still unsure whether people think I'm a weirdo or not, but what can I say, like most guys I like looking at a naked female form. I can often just browse them for a couple of hours saving stuff left and right. It's like a personal quest to have only the best highest quality lewds! But then sometimes my personal tastes might change or I saved something in a sleepy stupor and I have to go back and prune it. "HOW DID I THINK THIS WAS GOOD! NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW I SAVED THIS!" 

Its a vicious cycle, but I like to think I have (mostly) good taste. Hey, thanks for reading my blog. If you wasted this much of your time, why not take a little more and tell me, do you save lewds too or have a personal collection? Do you feel the need to hide them? If you had to describe your collection in one word, what would it be?


Posted by MinatoArisato - August 31st, 2016

I was thinking about stories and creativity recently. And how I always think of myself
as not very creative compared to everybody else out there. I remembered how when I was
a kid I'd use my imagination for a lot of stuff, would often think of useful
inventions without knowing if anyone had thought of it before. I'd have lots of
ambitious but pointless projects like making board games or making pokimanz gym
challenges complete with badges and shit made out of paper.

So I knew at some point I was creative, so where and why did it stop? I think it's
because I got into the mindset that someone had done everything I could ever do. and
that everything I learn about going forward is part of someone else's ideas or creations
and as such anything created from them will never be original.

So if I went to write a story, or make a game, I'd subconciously pull things and probably
make something really cheesy, unoriginal, or shitty. But then there's so many people
online who do exactly that without ever acknowledging or realizing it the way I do,
and still achieve success.

I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to make anything amazing, but without trying
I'll never even make anything shitty. If I can't make mistakes, I can't learn what's
wrong with them, and if I can't learn what's wrong, I'll never know what's right. So
the bottom line is I should try.

Posted by MinatoArisato - August 26th, 2016

The universe is conspiring against you? When I was younger I used to think about how my part of Canada was pretty small. That all of the world I've seen was pretty much contained within its boundaries.  I would see lots of places mentioned on TV, but what if they were all just part of the joke. What if there really wasn't anything outside of my known world, and I was just supposed to think the world is bigger than it is.

To finally settle it, I visited a friend in Toronto. It was an excuse, but my real reason for going was just to prove to myself that there was more world outside of my boundaries. In the end toronto was pretty boring, everything as grey and rainy at the time, and I couldn't tell one building from another. All I know is that the union station was crowded and huge. All in all it was a waste of a trip, I didn't feel like going back or living there.

It was funny though, on the train, as I kept checking the GPS on my phone, I felt like after we passed a certain point the train would stop, we would crash, maybe I'd suddenly become deathly ill, I couldn't believe I was really going outside the world I knew. Guess I'm a little crazy.