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Loved it, very gruesome but still very cute. Think it needed a bit more cute to balance things out.

parks2 responds:

Good point!

animation was stellar on this one fam, I think I always know what to expect from your cartoons. A slow pacing, short action scenes if any, but no matter what i end with, i always wish it was longer, like if I could have a bunch of episodes with your characters and voices. I think people would be instant fans.

Cool art style

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I really like the art and concept, but the game itself is very clunky right now. I was trying to wall jump in level 1, but without doing the tutorial there's no explanation on how to do it even here on the page.

So even with the wall jump, the wall grab, the slide, its all very fast, I'm fine with difficult, but when you wall jump it's not a very smooth animation, maybe the character has no air control? it's very difficult to be precise currently.

JR01Games responds:

Thanks for the review!
It's true that it relies too heavily on the tutorial to teach the game, even for a game jam, I would like to smooth this out if I ever come back to this project. All the movement is based on motors (ground & air), so its controlled over slowing down first.

Another interesting one, I was drawn to the RPG mechanics so I tried it. I feel this one is a bit easy, it did require a little bit of thinking, but it's more like a lot of small math problems. How much HP or defense do I need to kill this or that, and will I have enough health if I take the left or right path etc. Not nearly as devious as the others I've played so far, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like smashing into things. My one problem with it was that I couldn't just hold down the key to move, since you do a lot of mashing, but lo and behold if I had just read the description I would see you included a Turbo button.

Anyway, I liked it, though I don't think I'd revisit this one like I might for the Chess or Elemental tiles, those ones are clear winners so far.

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One of my favorites so far, curious if he's even saying anything specific in the Pico side, or if its just sounds, either way it slaps and I loved it. Keep doing what you're doing fam.

Oh thank god its not more ASMR.

Oddlem responds:

next time

Jesus christ what am I listening to.

Oddlem responds:


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Love the contrast with the sky and lighting, especially her eyes glowing bright through it all. Appreciate that you gave her huge donhongeros but kept the face more creepy. I never had darkstalkers growing up, but i later found it on the PSP. The spritework and character design of that series is truly wonderful, and this girl is one of the best to come from it along with her Hsien Ko/LeiLei

Looking good, solid animation and use of black and white. I'm unfamiliar with the comic, what's it about?

I can appreciate this, I honestly haven't thought about Pico's design much over the years. I played the original game back in the day, but the Pico I became familiar with was via the ratings, and just various frontpaged fanart or site wallpapers.


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